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16th December 2011

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The Lords and Ladies DJs are a group that remix songs for a Vaudevillian Dance Extravaganza.  They have a special Steampunk Mixing Board called the Fusion-O-Scope (pictured above).  Joseph Cr. Vourteque is the man behind Steampunk Chicago’s Event Operations (pictured in the right photo), and Kenzie Ki is a photographer involved in photography many of the Steampunk Chicago Events (also featured in the right photo).  Joseph Cr. Vourteque is also involved in the creation of many of the songs for the Lords and Ladies DJs. 

You can find their Sound Cloud Page Here:  Lords and Ladies DJs Sound Cloud

Joseph Cr. Vourtque’s Personal Sound Cloud:  Joe Vor-Tech Sound Cloud

You can also find more information on Facebook about Steampunk Chicago: Steampunk Chicago on Facebook

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